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Welcome to the DILG Website

The purpose of this website is to:

1) introduce the Dresden International Ladies Group and provide useful information on our activites

2) provide useful information for newcomers to Dresden on Area Resources

What is the Dresden International Ladies Group

The Dresden International Ladies Group was formed in May 1997. This group provides a forum with contacts for women interested in sharing their time and participating in activities with woman from different cultures.

The group and its activities are solely on an independent and volunteer basis.

Appropriate Use of Information

The information found in these pages shall not be reproduced without consent of the Dresden International Ladies Group. The website is updated regularly.

Contact Information

For more information contact us at info@ilg-dresden.de or via Facebook International Ladies Group Dresden www.facebook.com/groups/75363759125.

Join us at our Ladies Dinners at the Max Altstadt Restaurant Wilsdruffer Str. 24, 01067 Dresden normally on the first Thursday every month at 19:00 hours.

Info on the MAX restaurant is on www.max-dresden.de/max_altstadt

You can find our meetings on Facebook under International Ladies Group Dresden




Spring 2014